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The $3bn Miracle for Northern Beaches’ Commuters

The announcement of a tunnel that will bypass the Spit Bridge will bring welcome news to Northern Beach commuters desperate for relief from the daily crawl to and from work. The bottleneck at the bridge has caused misery each day for years, and is getting worse.

But soon, from Brookvale to Bilgola and beyond, Sydney workers will be able to leave home later and get home earlier thanks to a $3bn tunnel that will erase that Spit Bridge hold-up and bypass 21 sets of traffic lights.

Finally, suburbanites can now realistically think about moving further north without the worry of adding a ridiculous amount of time to their commute.

Hop to It, the Northern Beaches removal specialist having been helping relocate all over the region for years. We specialise in apartment and home removals but have also helped move many businesses to new locations.

We’re a family owned and run business with a keen knowledge of the area and a great reputation for reliability and level of service. We pride ourselves on our work and our commitment to making each move a smooth, problem-free experience.

We do this because we plan each move well in advance; we communicate with you regularly; we’re discreet yet thorough; we place a high consideration on making sure your valuable belongings arrive in one piece from packing to unpacking and our meticulous itinerary ensures that you know precisely which crate or carton each of your possessions are at all times, even if you are taking advantage of our secure, insured storage services.

So start planning that move from Freshwater to Avalon Beach without adding a minute to your commute – or vice versa and have another half an hour in bed each workday!

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