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Secure Storage solutions

There are many reasons to store items when you are moving. Perhaps you are in-between offices or houses; taking the opportunity to go on an extended vacation; or you need somewhere to keep excess items.

At Hop To It Home & Office Removals, as part of our professional removalist service we can offer affordable, practical solutions.

Temporary Storage

If you need temporary storage for your household goods and furniture at any stage during your removal period, Hop To It Home & Office Removals can organise to have your goods collected, transported and placed into a secure storage facility for any length of time. We will organise everything from start to finish.

When you are ready to finalise your move, advise us in advance and we will arrange to take your furniture and household items out of storage and relocate them to your final destination. The advantages of having Hop To It Home & Office Removals manage your entire removal process include:

  • We are professionals in moving of all types of household goods
  • We will organise all your storage in a secure facility with easy access at any time
  • Range of storage size options for any length of time
  • Competitive pricing
  • No need to lift a finger

If you intend storing items for any length of time, the following are some tips we recommend to preserve your valuables in good condition.

Tips for Extended Storage

  • Remove batteries from units
  • Individually wrap sensitive items such as televisions, mirrors, artwork
    Empty wardrobes, drawers and cupboards
  • Place mothballs or similar products in with clothing to protect and maintain condition

When confirming your removal service with Hop To It Home & Office Removals, be sure to obtain a quote for our storage solutions.