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House, Flat & Apartment Specialists

Moving a house, flat or apartment? At Hop To It Home & Office Removals we have the skill and expertise to make any move happen with military precision. Whether you are on the 1st floor, or the 51st floor, our team of proficient removalists will help get your furniture and belongings safely to the ground, into our removal vans, safely secured and transported to your destination, regardless of the volume or complexity involved.

Do You Do High-Rise Removals?

Yes we do! At Hop To It Home & Office Removals we are highly experienced in helping families or individuals move within apartment buildings. There is a knack to addressing the challenges presented with every house, flat & apartment move. High-rise removals are particularly tricky and our team have mastered it, helping hundreds of businesses and families over the years with great success and eliminating the anxiety associated with an apartment move.
Happy to relocate from high-rise to high-rise, our guys are physically fit and use all the latest gadgets and manual lifting aids to make the process of moving even the most awkward objects possible.

As part of our service, our professional consultants will conduct an onsite survey to determine:

  • Transport needs
  • Manual lifting aids and staff numbers
  • Access points
  • Parking availability

Moving from a house, flat or apartment needs planning, particularly as you move into high-rise buildings. Once we have collected all the relevant information required, we are able to develop a strategic plan for your move. This is conveyed to the guys on the ground, giving them a clear indication of how to safely and securely move all your worldly possessions without damage.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, built over years of helping people to relocate anywhere within the suburbs of Sydney, across the states of Australia or abroad. Where there is a will, there is a way, and at Hop To It Home & Office Removals we always find a way of getting the job done successfully and to the customer’s satisfaction.

On time and reliable, you can count on the team of professional removalists from Hop To It Home & Office Removals every time!