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From Avalon with Love – Spies in the Northern Beaches?

Back in 1954, the Petrov spy scandal dominated Australian news headlines for months. Defecting to the west, Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov were Russian agents – codebreakers – working behind the Iron Curtain. They came to Australia in 1951 posing as diplomats and in 1954 Vladimir defected. He was taken to a safe house on Sydney’s North Shore. Not even his wife knew.  Evodkia was later in the process of being returned to Russia by the KGB when she was intercepted en route in Darwin and asked if she wished to claim asylum. She agreed.

Evdokia and Vladimir Petrov

The pair lived in relative anonymity until their deaths in 1991 and 2002. The lavish home, suspected to be on George Street, Avalon Beach, went up for sale in 2016 at $5.5m.

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